He Was Abandoned At The Shelter With Nothing But A Teddy Bear. But He Wasn’t Expecting This Surprise…

A pitbull that was abandoned at a high-intake shelter in Philadelphia with only his favorite teddy bear to comfort him has found a forever home.

The handsome pooch named Needy was recently adopted by a family in Maryland where his former foster family says he’ll have “a huge yard to run around in and even a pond he can swim in.”

“They love him very much and his spirits are high,” foster group Diamonds in the Ruff told the Huffington Post via email Thursday while announcing the 1-year-old’s adoption.

abandoned dog finds home

Erica Brown, who founded the Philadelphia-based group, described his new owner as a veterinarian, who has a house full of other animals, including dogs, cats, birds and rabbits.

“He’s clearly loving life,” Brown wrote while sharing photos of the dog curling up on a man’s lap, wrapped in a blanket and posing with two other dogs and a group of people.

And if his tail-wagging news doesn’t make this obvious enough, he’s no longer being called Needy. His new owners have given him the name of Duke, instead.

“He seems to love his name since he responds so well to it,” Brown said.


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