A Facebook Group Posted A Picture Of A Puppy In A Trash Bag. Minutes Later, This Happened…

In Rondon, Brazil a Facebook group dedicated to helping pets, posted pictures of a puppy abandoned in a plastic bag. An abundance of volunteers answered the call for help. Here’s what happened.

The puppy was found tied up in a plastic bag and thrown in a ravine where it was difficult to access him.

abandoned dog in a bag

However, within minutes, a nurse from a nearby medical office climbed down into the ravine to try to save the puppy while comments poured in through the Facebook page from volunteers asking how they could help.

abandoned dog in a bag

Less than 30 minutes after the Facebook post, the dog was rescued!

abandoned dog in a bag

The amount of body waste inside the bag indicated that the puppy had been there since the night before, but he appeared to be in good health!

abandoned dog in a bag

They don’t know who was responsible for the heartless act, but these amazing volunteers were ready to help out on a minute’s notice.

The Facebook group was asked if there was anyone able to give the puppy a good home. Within an hour, the dog had been adopted. 

Thanks to everyone who came together to save this poor pup from such terrible abandonment.


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