The Wonderful Bond Seen Between Two Abandoned Dogs Shows The Real Meaning Of Friendship

Can you believe that some people abandon their animals? It happens more often than we’d like to admit.

Two adorable dogs, Bambi and Booboo were found in sunny Florida after they were dumped in the middle of a hot parking lot.  Most likely abandoned by some jerk who was tired of taking care of them. These pups stuck by each other’s side, however, refusing to leave the other behind.

Luckily, a whole team of animal lovers showed up to help find new homes for Bambi and Booboo. Catching a dog is easier said than done, especially when there’s two and they’re best friends.

Bambi and Booboo outsmarted the teams for a while, but eventually things had a happy ending.


It didn’t take long for a dog lover to spot this duo waiting for someone to come pick them up in the parking lot. Bambi and Booboo definitely needed a home but getting them to cooperate was no easy task. Eventually, Booboo was caught which caused Bambi to scamper off!


After a night of waiting for Bambi to come back with no luck, rescuers brought Booboo back to the parking lot and let him chill out in the passenger seat of the car. Soon, guess who came sniffing up by the car and hopped in all by herself? That’s right: Bambi!


These two couldn’t bear to be apart for that long and were so happy to be reunited!

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