They Were Walking Home When They Spotted This Cat Protecting Kittens Left In The Cold…

Someone was walking home when they spotted a litter of abandoned kittens in a recycling bin on the side of the road. The mother cat was snuggling them to keep them warm in the cold weather.

They immediately called the Homeless Animal Adoption League. He was afraid they would freeze to death if they didn’t get help.

The cat was doing its best to protect the abandoned kittens. They covered the kittens with a blanket and took them to the shelter.

They originally thought there were only four kittens, but once they got to the shelter, theyfound six kittens. But that wasn’t the only surprise…

When they checked the cat they assumed to be their mother, he was actually a boy! It’s unknown if the cat was their dad, brother, or just some random cat, but he acted as a surrogate mother and protected the kittens.

The shelter named him Mrs. Doubtfire. All of the cats will be put up for adoption soon and finally get the loving homes they deserve!


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