This Pit Bull Puppy Was Abandoned And Paralyzed. But He Defied Odds And Got His Happy Ending!

When an abandoned Pit Bull puppy was found in North Bergen, New Jersey with a note that read, “Please help me. I can’t walk,” veterinarians were sure the adora-bull pup was permanently disabled.


“Honestly I almost started tearing, because he’s a beautiful puppy, and he has beautiful eyes, and he tries to walk,” said the man who found the malnutritioned dog in a box under a tree. Handed over to Bergen County Protect and Rescue, a no-kill shelter, little Bruno won the hearts of the humans who were inspired by his determination and good nature. He was sent to Aqua Dog Rehabilitation, where the team of canine rehabilitation specialists agreed to work with Bruno. And get this — they agreed to do it for free.

“Honestly, we looked at each other and were not sure if we could really help him,” said Petra Ford of Aqua Dog Rehab in an interview. Bruno’s disability had presumably been caused by having been kept in a crate with no bedding, and hopes of him ever walking normally were slim. But that didn’t faze the undaunted puppy.

Two months after starting his physical therapy, Bruno, now named Trooper, is living up to his new name. “He’ll try anything. Not always successful, but he’ll try,” said a therapist at the center. “He is the happiest and funniest little dog you have ever met. He has quite the personality. He snores really loud and when he’s very happy he snorts like a pig.”

Although the plan was to rehabilitate Trooper until ready for adoption, he’s become part of the family at the center. “I think he’s kind of decided he’s staying,” said Ford. The lucky pup gets to go home with her at the end of each workday.

Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’ll just be wiping away some happy tears.

Source:  BarkPost

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