After Being Rescued Off The Street, Pregnant Dog Gives Birth To A Litter Of Precious Puppies

Life is very hard for an abandoned dog. It’s even more challenging when a dog is pregnant or already has a litter of pups.  Java, a pregnant boxer, found herself abandoned on the streets by her owners. When Karen from saw Java roaming the streets, starving and pregnant, she brought her to Nob Hill Animal Clinic where veterinarians assessed her condition. To everyone’s surprise, Java gave birth to her first baby the next morning.

The entire birth was captured in the video below, and judging by the way she takes care of her newborn pups, Java is clearly a good mom. You can see her giving kisses and licking them continuously towards the end of the clip. It’s remarkable to think that just days before, she was on the streets fending for herself, but thanks to efforts of all the rescuers involved, Java now has a new lease on life. even managed to raise $1500 for her, which paid for her care and eventually helped her secure a spot at the Florida Boxer Rescue.

Java’s story is a perfect example of what happens when good people get together to help animals in need. For every pet that gets rescued, the chances of other abandoned pets getting rescued increases significantly. This is why it’s vital to report any stray dogs to local authorities whenever you come across one. It could save their life.

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