Abused Dog Wakes Her Rescuer In The Middle Of The Night To Say Thank You

Rescue dogs are just as sweet, loving, and cuddly as any other dogs — but there is a chance that they will be a little squeamish around strangers.

Though they may come off as scared or antisocial, dogs will learn how to love and trust again if they are surrounded by love.

They will even step up and save their owners from harm like this brave rescue doggie did for his toddler friend.

Some dogs take longer than others to feel comfortable around other people when they have experienced neglect or abuse.

This was the case for poor Niya, who was picked up by Kimberley Slown Gibson County Animal Shelter after she was abandoned by her owner.

Though it was apparent that Niya needed time to be a comfortable, happy dog again, she had her own way of showing her savior that she was appreciative.

Check below to learn how she surprised Slown in the middle of the night to say thank you.

abused dog wakes rescuers

The physical and emotional scars on Niya the dog were terribly apparent when Kimberley Slown came to pick her up from the Gibson County Animal Shelter.

Sloan had rescued hundreds of animals through her organization Arrow Dog Rescue and took the poor battered dog home after she had been abandoned by a former owner.

abused dog wakes rescuers

There were gashes all along her face and the one on her nose suggested that she had been in a muzzle.

The abuse was also visible in her mannerisms that she was too afraid to move and had to be carried to the car.

abused dog wakes rescuers

When she got to Slown’s home, Niya immediately retreated to a corner and wouldn’t move for the rest of the night and all of the next day.

By the looks of things, she wasn’t going to be able to open up and socialize for a while.

abused dog wakes rescuers

But when night came, Slown was suddenly woken up by something.

Looking around in the dark, she felt a warm breath on her hand, which had been dangling off the side of her pillow.

abused dog wakes rescuers

It was Niya’s mouth!

“She just breathed into my hand and I woke up and immediately paid attention to her, petting her and talking to her,” she explained to The Dodo. ” She smiled and leaned in.”

abused dog wakes rescuers

It was as though Niya was trying to say, “Thank you for saving me.”

Since then, she has shown a bit of vulnerable a few more times to Sloan and her wife Terri, she even smiled excitedly on her way home from a recent vet trip.

abused dog wakes rescuers

And though she’s still struggling with hookworms and whipworms, Niya’s emotional wounds are slowly healing.

Though she may have been broken by her first owner, she is showing that she can move on from it all.

abused dog wakes rescuers

And the more love that she is shown, the more friendly she seems to be — it is only a matter of time before she is comfortable being a friendly, happy dog!

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