After Her Sister Adopts Dog, Girl Pleads With Internet To Always Consider Adopting Your Pets

Meriah Jae was so proud of her sister when she decided to adopt a dog. Her sister adopted a beautiful pit bull who was desperate to find a loving and forever home.

Meriah just had to brag about it.

She spread the message to ‘adopt, don’t shop’ on Twitter and the tweet ended up going viral within no time.

The tweet had over 133,000 retweets, 450,000 likes, and an overwhelming amount of loving and supportive comments.

The dog’s post-adoption pictures show just how happy he was in his new home with his new mom. Meriah’s sister was spoiling the rescue dog!  The giant pit bull loves close-ups. Turns out that he’s quite the ham!

People even decided to chime in on the cutest details, like the sweet dog’s chapped nose!

adopted dog transformation

adopted dog transformation

Not only did people absolutely fall in love with the dog, Charlie, he became the poster dog for animal adoption. Charlie’s happy demeanor and a grateful smile spread like wildfire all over the internet.

Meriah’s post sparked hundreds of people to share adorable photos of their rescue animals and Charlie had become an inspiration.

Here are some of these precious photos and stories below.

So much happier (and comfier!) now in their forever home.

Those sad eyes are full of joy now! Look at that smile.

Stuck in a cage, now rolling over for belly rubs — life is good!

He seems much happier on his owner’s lap now, his bed looks comfy too!

That face was begging to be adopted, looks like dreams come true.

These photos prove that dogs most certainly have emotion — look at that smiling pup now, it’s night and day!

Wow – this adoption transformation is incredible. Big thanks to this dog and Charlie for encouraging people to adopt, not shop! These rescues are absolutely gorgeous.

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