The Way These 10 Animals Became Heroes Will Warm Your Heart

We’ve all seen the news stories where people save animals. But what about those stories when animals save people? It actually happens even more often than you may think. These 10 animals are nothing short of heroic, and their stories just might inspire you to go and get a pet of your own.

Orlando the Guide Dog

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At 11 years old, Orlando was just days short of reaching retirement as a working seeing-eye dog when his owner, Cecil Williams, fell into the subway tracks. Without hesitation, Orlando jumped in to save Cecil, knowing a train was quickly closing in on them. With Orlando by his side, Cecil positioned himself between the rails and laid flat, allowing the train to safely pass over them. The two made it out unharmed. Thanks to donations, Cecil was able to keep Orlando, despite thinking his insurance would force him to give up his little hero after he retired from guide dog service. What a happy ending!

Wunsy the African Grey Parrot

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Meet Wunsy, the African Grey parrot from London who don’t take no sh*t from nobody. In addition to loving leisurely strolls through the park, perched merrily atop owner, Rachel Manchino’s, shoulder, this fancy little parrot also enjoys kicking some serious ass. That’s exactly what he did when an attacker came up behind Rachel and grabbed her by the neck. Lucky for Rachel, she had Wunsy on her shoulder. The bird immediately started flapping his wings and launched at the attacker, scaring him away. Who knows what could have happened if Wunsy hadn’t been there.

Tara the Cat

Tara the cat is not only a hero, but a celebrity. The cat gained national attention after saving the life of a young boy who was riding his bike and was suddenly attacked by a neighbor’s dog. The video surveillance of her heroically jumping in between the helpless boy and the vicious dog has had over 20 million hits on YouTube. In the video, Tara can be seen jumping on the dog, successfully scaring it away from the boy and then chasing after it. (Warning: Graphic Footage)

Killian the Dog

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Meet Killian, the dog who saved a baby from an abusive babysitter. The suspicions began when baby Finn’s parent’s noticed Killian’s strange behavior around the babysitter. He would growl at her until his hair stood up on end and position himself between her and the baby. The parents decided to put a secret tape recorder in the house while they were away. Upon listening to the tape, they could hear abusive language and slapping sounds on the recording device, all muffled with the loud cries of their 7 month old son. Without the tip from Killian, that family would still be using that babysitter, and Finn would still be in danger.

LuLu the Pot Bellied Pig

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Weighing in at approximately 335 pounds, the high-spirited, full hearted LuLu might be accurately described as “more to love”. But if there was anything LuLu loved more than eating, it was her beloved owner Jo Ann. That’s why on the afternoon of Jo Ann’s heart attack, LuLu knew she was in danger when no one came to help. LuLu took to the streets and laid herself in the middle of the road until someone finally stopped and followed her inside to find Jo Ann in need.

Dolphins Save Long Distance Swimmer

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When long distance swimmer, Adam Walker, was swimming the New Zealand coast and spotted a 6 foot shark floating beneath him, there was nothing left to do but panic…. That is until a group of friendly dolphins came to save the day. Upon seeing the large group of about 10 dolphins, the shark quickly took off, and Adam was able to finish his swim. The dolphins stayed with the swimmer for over an hour, guiding him in his journey to completing the “Oceans Seven”, a series of long distance swims around the world.

Binti Jua the Gorilla

Meet Binti Jua, the gorilla who saved the life of a 3 year old boy who fell more than 20 feet into her habitat at the Brookfield Zoo in Chicago, Illinois. Upon seeing the boy fall, Binti Jua came to him, picked him up, cradled his tiny unconscious body in her giant arms and carried him to safety, holding her own baby on her back the entire time. Watch the incredible video footage above.

Mercey the Pit Bull

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This heroic Pit Bull knew exactly what to do when 4 men entered her owner’s home unannounced carrying machetes. Mercey jumped infront of them, blocking her owner from the attackers. The Pit Bull suffered life threatening injuries, but thanks to donations from local law enforcement, her vet bills were covered and she survived the attack. Mercey’s owner was completely unharmed thanks to her loyal dog’s heroism.

Meatball the Cat

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Thanks to a cat named Meatball, eleven people living in a farmhouse that caught fire in Southern France are alive today. Upon seeing the flames, the cat frantically scratched on the floor of the attic, warning owner Alexandra Marlin of the fire and giving her enough time to wake the other residents and call the fire department. Everyone inside the building, including Meatball, made it out unharmed. Residents thanked the heroic kitty by buying her a years worth of cat biscuits.

Eddie the Bomb-Sniffing Dog

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It’s not everyday a dog saves the life of an entire platoon of American soldiers. Eddie, the five year old military service dog, did it twice. In 2012, Eddie sniffed out two improvised explosive devices while on duty in Afghanistan, saving the lives of Staff Sergeant Shannon Hutton and over a dozen patrol members in his platoon. Without Eddie, those men wouldn’t have been able to come home to see their families. Eddie retired with full military honors and now lives a normal dog life at home with his first handler.

Source:  Distractify

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