Photos Of Animals Who Have Taken Photobombing To An Expert Level

Silly animals and their closeups will have you laughing out loud! These animals seemed to know just when to photo bomb photos.  

1. “This background really makes my colors pop.” – Fish

2. “Mom, someone’s looking at us…” – Chick

3. “I’m one of the girls too! Don’t forget me!”

4. “What do you really want, another picture of that kid of yours, or this amazing kangaroo…” – This kangaroo

5. “If dogs are really man’s best friend, why wasn’t I invited to the pose?” – Dog

6. “Just because my feathers aren’t the same color doesn’t mean that I can’t be the star of this picture.” – Penguin

7. “I understand that you wanted a picture of the city, I just don’t care.” – This pigeon

8. “Please get out of my house, I don’t want to deal with you anymore.” – This turtle

9. “Does this look cute?” – Kangaroo

10. “Excuse me, can I just scoot by?” – Pigeon