Many Animals Hate Water, But All Have To Face Bath Time. These Are All Adorable.

When it comes to water, animals display a variety of extreme emotions. Some love to take a bath, but others will do anything to avoid getting wet. There is no way to know how your pet will respond until you cross your fingers for good luck and try it.

This group of photos shows the whole spectrum of animal emotions towards water – check them out.

1. There is no one who enjoys a warm bath as much as this little guy.


2. This kitten will do anything to avoid the water.


3. And this cat is definitely plotting his revenge.


 4. This pup is having the time of his life.

5. But this one is worried that the bath makes her ears look big.


6. This cat never wants to see water again.

7. This kitty knows that escape is futile.

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8. Luckily this little guy can turn his body into a lifeboat.


9. This cat is shocked that her owner subjected her to this kind of torture.

Just something

10. “Where are my ears?”

Just something

11. This monkey is loving his swim.


12. While this cat has completely lost its dignity.


13. “Maybe if I ask nicely they’ll let me out?”

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14. Sloths love a good scrub down.


15. But even big cats hate water.

The Sun

16. It’s pretty much the worst thing that can happen.


17. All this poor dog wants is a towel.


18. This pup looks sad now, but she’ll come around.


19. A pig in rain boots, what’s not to love?


20. That was the best bath ever – now time to get dirty again.