5 Helpful Apps That Could Save Your Pup’s Life In An Emergency

Accidents, illness, natural disasters, getting lost. There are lots of risks out there for pets, but the apps below can help you be prepared for any situation that might befall your furry buddy.

1. ASPCA Mobile App (free)

The ASPCA mobile app stores and manages your pet’s health records, delivers breaking news about animal welfare, includes a step-by-step guide for finding a lost pet, and tells pet parents what to do to take care of pets in case of a natural disaster.

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2. Tagg (free)

Tagg offers a free app that syncs with their GPS Pet Tracker. Through the app, pup parents can track their dog’s location and activity level. Should the worst happen and a dog get lost, Tagg offers in-app driving directions to the pet’s location.

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3. PetTech PetSaver App ($3.99)

The PetSaver app from PetTech includes detailed instructions for CPR and first aid procedures, as well as lists of foods, plants and substances that are toxic to pets.

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4. American Red Cross Pet First Aid App ($0.99)

Another comprehensive medical resource, the American Red Cross Pet First Aid App includes instructions for handling common emergencies, tools to find the closest vet or 24-hour animal hospital, advice on giving medication, and more.

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5. Buddy Rescue by VineLight (subscriptions TBD)

VineLight Buddy Rescue is an app-in-progress looking for backing. If funded and developed, the app would respond to emergencies. For example, in the event of a fire in the dog’s home, the app notifies 911 and neighbors who could rescue pets even before the fire department arrives. VineLight Buddy Rescue also includes GPS pet tracking, not to mention integration with other smart devices in homes to open doors in case of emergency.

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