Locals Who Freed Baby Elephant From Mud Hole Witness The Most Joyful Family Reunion Afterward…

During a recent rescue of a young elephant calf in India received what’s been interpreted as a show of gratitude from the calf’s thankful herd.

baby elephant freed from mud hole

The desperate calf was discovered trapped at the bottom of a ditch near the village of Thattekad. The locals had heard the trumpeting of the calf’s family when they struggled to free the young animal from the ditch.

Forest officials arrived in the morning to help. Using an excavator, they carved a channel, allowing the young elephant to climb out on his own. It’s what happened next, however, that elicited the biggest cheers from those who made it possible.

Once the exhausted calf stumbled out, his family rushed in from the surrounding forest to meet him.

One elephant believed to be the calf’s mother, could be seen pausing, then turning back to face the rescuers raising her trunk to them as if to salute their efforts.

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