The Interaction Between This Baby Goat And Bunch Of Puppies Will Be The Cutest Thing You See This Week!

A meeting between a baby goat and a litter of puppies is the cutest thing you will see all week! When the kid (named Pipsqueak) met the puppies, she tried her best to get them to play with her.  Pipsqueak tried to play with the puppies like baby goats do – by headbutting them – but they’re not quite big enough to interact with her. Headbutting is the way kids express excitement and how they play with members in their family. She isn’t trying to harm them, but she was too little to understand they’re not goats. But the puppies don’t seem to mind…they’re too busy trying to crawl or take a nap!



A few weeks later, the puppies have grown up a bit and are much more curious about Pipsqueak!

Source: Reshareworthy

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