These Babies Born At Taronga Zoo Are The Most Adorable Things You Will See All Day

SYDNEY — Big eyes and cute little noses will make you wonder: can they be any cuter?

The Taronga Zoo, in Sydney, Australia, is introducing the world to their new additions, a pair of meerkat babies.

The zoo said it’s the first time they’ve had new pups in almost seven years.

baby meerkats

The pair are the first babies for Nairobi and Maputo, born on Jan. 7, and they have started exploring their world this week.

Zoo officials are not sure if they are male or female, but believe one is a boy and one is a girl. They’ll officially find out next week when they have their first vaccinations.

baby meerkats

The pups haven’t been named yet.

Meerkats are from southern Africa, and are found in the Kalahari Desert.

baby meerkats


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