A Pit Bull Who Lived In A Basement Finds Family Who Loves Him More Than He Do

It less than a month ago that Max, a 91–pound American Pit Bull and Bulldog mix, had been living in a basement for the entire first year of his life. When his owner finally abandoned him for good, it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened to him.

basement dog finds family

Thanks to a Good Samaritan named Tamir Shmerling who lived in Max’s building and brought his plight to attention, New York City rescue organization Mr. Bones & Co.jumped at the chance to help the giant lump of love.

After receiving several applications, Mr. Bones & Co. found the perfect family to send Max to for a trial adoption period. Noel Lamboy, Courtney Kinser, and their 8–year–old daughter Lily had recently lost their own senior Pibble, amazingly enough named Maxx. So, when they came across the story of the dog abandoned in a basement, they could instantly feel the connection.

basement dog finds family

Elli Frank, founder of Mr. Bones & Co., said in a recent article:

“We have chosen a very special family, in large part because of the way that we believe Max learns best. Because he spent so long in isolation, he is a very visual dog. Verbal cues have very little effect on him as he is in sensory overload right now, with so many new sights and smells.”

It turns out that the situation couldn’t have been more perfect. Noel and Courtney are both deaf/hard of hearing, and teach at a school for deaf children in New Jersey. The pair are currently teaching Max sign language, which has been working wonderfully with his visual stimulation despite the fact that he isn’t deaf.

basement dog finds family

Kinser said:

“Max is indeed very special. He is a QUICK learner. He knows the sign for ‘sit’ and ‘down’, and he is currently learning the sign for ‘stay.’”

basement dog finds family

It was very fortunate for Elli and the Mr. Bones & Co. crew to realize this important factor, and it is clear that Max has been thriving in his new environment. He bonded with the family right away, and they couldn’t possibly love him more. He especially loves their daughter Lily!

basement dog finds family

Noel Lamboy told us:

“[We’re] loving him; he’s a funny dog, I’m telling you. I think his happiness is making him even goofier… Gotta love him!”

Of course, Max isn’t a replacement for their previous dog. Courtney said that they miss their former Maxx very dearly, but it has been extra special having this dog named Max to help them heal from their loss.

basement dog finds family

We’re sure Max is extremely grateful as well to have such a special family to call his own after the terrible conditions he lived through. He was officially adopted last week and it’s all tummy rubs and love for the big mush from here on out!

basement dog finds family

Follow Mr. Bones & Co. on Facebook and Instagram to see updates on Max and to learn about other dogs that are up for adoption! Donations are always greatly appreciated so that they can continue to rescue more pups in need and help find them their perfect forever homes as well!


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