Dying Woman And Therapy Dog Share An Emotional Connection In Hospice

Baxter is a therapeutic Hospice dog that’s been serving patients in the San Diego area for 19 years now. Even though he’s no longer able to walk, this sweet dog is still able to bond with his elderly, dying patients and provide them with the love and comfort that’s so desperately needed in their last days here on earth.

But a special moment, in particular, will never be forgotten by the family, friends, and nurses of one elderly patient. As Baxter is laid down next to a dying woman they share a beautiful, almost indescribable moment. Laying their beside one another, they enjoy each other’s warmth and Baxter begins to lick the patient’s face lovingly offering kisses for almost 30 minutes. Only a few short hours later, that same patient passes away and it was such a joy to all involved, that Baxter was able to send her sweet soul off with so much love. Sadly, Baxter has since passed away himself. However, he will be in so many peoples’ memories forever! Take a look at the touching video below:

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