Homeless Beagle With Terribly Fractured Legs Miraculously Walks Again With Assistance Of Splints

“Cranberry, the Christmas beagle” a homeless dog who had a miraculous discovery, was dubbed by the staff at the veterinary hospital that saved her life. It was not that long ago; Cranberry was without a name and hope in the world.

beagle walks with splints on legs

When Cranberry arrived at Stark County Humane Society in Canton, Ohio, her legs were broken. The rescue was not sure if they could help her, however, luckily, there was a program available for injured animals just like her.

“We have a project at our hospital called the For Paws project which takes in severely wounded or ill pets which are slated for euthanasia,” Dr. Jennifer Jellison, a veterinarian at For Paws/Blue Cross Animal Hospital in North Canton, Ohio said. “She was brought directly to me, as her fractures were so severe.”

Cranberry’s front legs suffered such severe fractures that it was determined surgery was not even an option. Dr. Jellison decided as an alternative, to try splints on Cranberry’s little legs.

Despite the terrible fractures, splints seemed to actually start to work. Cranberry was able to hobble around.

“The fractures miraculously are healing,” Dr. Jellison said, “and when we change the splints she is delicately walking!”

Cranberry started practicing running down the halls of the vet hospital.

“Although she will never run like a beagle again I believe she will be pain-free,” Dr. Jellison said.

However, physical healing isn’t the only thing Cranberry needs to work on. There were some things in the past that makes her a bit skittish. Dr. Jellison believes Cranberry was either abused and dumped or was abandoned after an injury for not being a decent hunting dog. But, she has no proof. Cranberry needs to get used to noises and is prone to get scared by them. And when given toys, Cranberry doesn’t even know what to do.

“We are working on meeting new people and getting used to toys,” Dr. Jellison said. “Can you imagine? Afraid of a dog toy?”

The staff began by getting Cranberry used to ringtones from a cell phone, and she’s already coping well with such sounds. She’s also learning how to socialize with new people.

“She is so cute and she has a little following here,” Dr. Jellison said. “People come to see her, bring her flowers, sit with her … our clients have been amazing helping to socialize her.”

beagle walks with splints on legs

The splints are expected to be removed in about a week, and Cranberry will be looking for the forever home she always deserved. Dr. Jellison hopes she’ll find a good home “with a lap and a fireplace.”

beagle walks with splints on legs

beagle walks with splints on legs

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