Bear Cub Was Found Malnourished And Terrified, But After Being Rescued Something Miraculous Occurs…

On a leisurely trek down the Nolichucky River in Tennessee, these rafters spotted something shocking on the shore… an American black bear cub!

When a professional rafter approached the bear, it eagerly leapt into the waiting raft!


The cub had been sitting alone on the shore for days with no sign of her mother anywhere.  The rafters finally decided that they had to help.


The rafter, Danny Allen, turned the cub over to the Appalachian Bear Rescue, a program dedicated to saving bears and returning them to their natural habitats.


The bear was malnourished and terrified. She was rehydrated and given all the grapes, yogurt, and puppy chow she could eat to fatten her up and restore her to good health and spirits.


The people at the rescue named the bear cub Noli. Once she started eating, she was a sweet, playful girl.


Noli was named after the river where she was found. The Appalachian Bear Rescue hopes that by sharing her story, they can change the way people see these amazing animals.


Noli is going to stay at the rescue while she gains weight. They will eventually try to release her back to the wild.


Look at that face! What a sweet little girl.

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