3 Before And After Transformations Proving That One Picture Truly Can Save A Life

It’s been said that you only get one chance to make a first impression. For shelter animals, that first impression can sometimes mean the difference between life and death. That is why Greater Good’s “One Picture Saves A Life” program is so important. In 2014, they trained over 2,500 shelter staff and volunteers around the country on how to groom and photograph shelter pets in order to make the best first impression and increase their chance of adoption.

The before-and-after results of these efforts are absolutely stunning, and we’ve picked our favorite three transformations of the year to share with you.

3. Barry

Barry was originally surrendered to a kill shelter after his owner dumped him off. Thankfully, he was rescued by Hood County Animal Lovers Organization and put into a temporary foster home where he was able to get the love and care he deserved. After getting some much needed grooming and pampering, Barry was ready to be put up for adoption. His updated picture and bio was posted online and he was quickly adopted by his forever family!

Barry Before:

Barry before

You won’t believe the handsome guy that emerged from under all that hair! Ready for Barry’s transformation?

Barry After:

Barry after

Can you believe how cute he is?

2. Tony

Tony was found in the middle of a busy Philadelphia intersection, dirty and scared. His rescuer noticed that Tony’s fur was matted and that he had an infection in one of his eyes. Tony was brought immediately to a rescue where he got the medical attention he needed. His true personality started to shine after a few bottle feedings and baths, and soon, Tony became a healthy and happy kitten who couldn’t stop purring. Tony got his well deserved happy ending as his rescuer ended up adopting him!

Tony Before:

Tony before

Tony sure has changed since his first picture. Check out his adorable transformation!

Tony After:

Tony after

Have you seen a cuter face than this? I know I haven’t! Tony now serves as a welcoming committee for new foster kittens coming into the house.

You won’t believe the incredible transformation we have up next…

1. Brownie

Brownie was almost unrecognizable when he was found with so much matted hair and dirt on his body. After a thorough grooming and some love and attention, Brownie blossomed into a happy and healthy boy! It’s no surprise he was quickly adopted into his forever family!

Brownie Before:

Brownie beforeSadderLooking

You won’t recognize Brownie after his incredible transformation!

Brownie After:

Brownie afterEnhanced

It’s no surprise this adorable guy was adopted so quickly, how precious does he look?

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