26 Reasons Why Being A Puppy Is Harder Than It Looks

It may seem that being a puppy would be the easiest thing in the world. Well think again, because it’s not.
You need to figure out what you are allowed to chew on without getting yelled at.

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You have to go to the vet for check-ups.

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You have to put up with ridiculous photoshoots.

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You don’t know your limits yet.

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You are always expected to look cute, but everyone has bad hair days.

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Going up the stairs is basically like climbing a mountain.

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Your human puts you behind bars.

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Your muscle strength hasn’t fully developed yet.

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Neither has your balance.

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You gotta learn how to deal with the jerk cat.

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Learning to catch takes practice.

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Lots of practice.

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You have to share the bed with the baby.

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Nobody takes your threats seriously.

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You haven’t figured out how to control those pesky levitating legs.

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People sometimes mistake you for a stuffed animal.

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You are so small, the big dogs don’t even notice you.

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Many toys are just too big for you to play with.

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You get stuck everywhere.

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Eating is just so tiring.

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Shopping is just so tiring.

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Actually, everything is just so tiring.

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You haven’t figured out the whole swimming thing yet.

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Or this whole mirror thing either.

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Everyone wants a selfie with you…I said no more!

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And you grow so fast that you can’t fit in your favorite places for too long.

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It’s a ruff life, but someone has to do it.


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