When You See This Dog, You Will Wonder What In The World He’s Wearing. When You Find Out, It Will Warm Your Heart!

Muffin is a blind, 13.5-year-old toy poodle. His ingenious owner Silvie Bordeaux came up with an amazing way to help blind dogs navigate the world easily and confidently. The Muffin’s Halo is a halo-like ring suspended above a blind dog’s head that warns him when he’s about to bump into an obstacle. Since the prototype was developed for muffin himself, it has been adapted for dogs of different sizes and comes in different colors as well. Silvie hopes to see the product in shelters across the nation, where it would give blind dogs a better chance at being adopted.

More info: muffinshalo.com

This is Muffin, a 13.5-year-old toy poodle who went blind two years ago

He inspired owner Silvie Bordeaux to create Muffin’s Halo, an ingenious device that allows blind dogs to walk with confidence

The wire ring around this dog’s head lets him feel what he’s bumped into before he bumps his head

The light-weight copper wire is attached with a comfortable harness that also features angel wings!

If angel wings aren’t your thing, there are other designs to choose from, too

Inventor Silvie Bordeaux created the device when she saw Muffins bump into walls and fall down the stairs.

It’s worked wonders – Bordeaux calls it Muffin’s “little Superman outfit

Bordeaux hopes to see the device in dog shelters, where it will help blind dogs get adopted

In kill shelters, blind dogs are often the first to go because people avoid adopting dogs with health issues


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