Lulu Is Adopted By Her Handler After Being Fired From CIA As Bomb Detection Dog

Lulu, an adorable black Labrador, was dropped from a CIA training program. She refused to become a bomb-sniffing pup.

The CIA explained in a series of tweets, that Lulu, who was being trained for the Fairfax County Police Department in Virginia, “began to show signs that she wasn’t interested in detecting explosive odors.”

bomb detection dog fired

bomb detection dog fired

CIA dog trainers are expected to become “doggie psychologists” to figure out if the dog is sick, tired or bored, and determine how to help them from there. The agency said this lack of motivation isn’t uncommon but is normally just the result of a bad day or two.

Some dogs, like Lulu,  “the issue isn’t temporary and instead, this just isn’t the job they are meant for,” the CIA tweeted.

Lulu showed zero interest in sniffing for explosives despite attempts to motivate her with food and toys, and “was clearly no longer enjoying herself.”

So the CIA let Lulu go and luckily, Lulu was adopted by her handler and seems to be thriving at her new home where she has a new dog friend and gets to play with kids and chase squirrels all day.

“We’ll miss Lulu,” the CIA wrote. “but it was the right decision for her and we wish her all the best in her new life!”

Good for you, Lulu.

bomb detection dog fired

bomb detection dog fired

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