Pair Of Abandoned, Neglected Dogs Who Were Inseparable At Shelter Find New Loving Home Together

Phillip and Dade, two dogs found abandoned together in Oregon, were rescued but their bodies bore heartbreaking signs of neglect. In light of their poor condition, however, it became clear that what mattered most to them was one another. Thankfully, their rescuers agreed.

bonded pair of dogs rescued together

Multnomah County Animal Services received an anonymous call about Phillip and Dade. That’s when the officer Sophia Condon, found the pair tethered to a pole. They were very scared, but Condon managed to win their trust.

Phillip, a poodle mix, had heavily matted fur covering his frail, emaciated bod while Dade’s short hair made his starved state more readily apparent.

“They both looked so uncomfortable and defeated,” Condon said.

From there, Officer Condon rushed them to the DoveLewis Animal Hospital for treatment.

bonded pair of dogs rescued together

DoveLewis staff assessed the dogs’ physical conditions, and in so doing, saw how fond they were of each other.

bonded pair of dogs rescued together

“From the moment they entered our emergency room, it was clear that these two had a special bond,” veterinarian Becca Falender said. “Our entire hospital staff was touched by the strong connection that these two dogs shared.”

When Phillip was taken into another room to be shaved, Dade insisted on following.

bonded pair of dogs rescued together

“I get teary just thinking about Dade’s worried expression when he walked into the room looking for Phillip,” Lorri Schinderle, an assistant vet tech at DoveLewis, said in a release. “They were so attached. You can tell that they were meant to be together. Dade didn’t leave Phillip’s side, and he wouldn’t stop kissing him and loving him.”

bonded pair of dogs rescued together

It did not take very long for Phillip to look like a whole new dog.

bonded pair of dogs rescued together

Even after what had likely been years of neglect, Phillip and Dade were given a good prognosis. Phillip had a couple of ailments to recover from before he could be adopted. By being rescued that day, their world had already changed for the better, and they still had each other.

“Once everyone was done with exams and shaved, they got to just take a breather and hang out together before we loaded up and headed back to our shelter,” Condon said.

bonded pair of dogs rescued together

To find the pair a forever home would be a difficult task for just a single dog with a rough past, but the staff at the shelter hoped Phillip and Dade would be adopted together. It was clear that they were inseparable.

Condon made sure they were kept in the same kennel.

bonded pair of dogs rescued together

In only a few weeks, Phillip and Dade’s dream came true.

A kindhearted woman heard about their story and decided to give them the home they deserve, together.

bonded pair of dogs rescued together

Phillip and Dade are gaining weight and settling into their new lives as cherished pets in a loving home. There they remain inseparable.

“They’re doing really well,” the dogs’ new owner, Jennifer said. “They usually sleep together in the same bed every night, even though there’s another bed right next to it.”

What a perfect ending for Phillip and Dade, celebrated by those who helped save them.

“From the moment they left our hospital, we were hopeful that they would be adopted by the same owner,” Falender said. “They clearly belong together.”

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