Pit Bull Siblings Desperately Need A New Home After Their Owner Endures Unfortunate Situation

When Lucy and Junior, a super sweet bonded pair of Pitties in the NYC area that lost their home, they were sent to a foster home in New Jersey for the past four-and-a-half months.  Unfortunately, the foster family can no longer keep them and they need to find a new place ASAP. 

bonded pitbull siblings need home

Junior (left) and Lucy (right)
The bonded pair used to live with their owner Greg and some of his family members in a house on Long Island. They originally belonged to Greg’s brother–in–law, but apparently he didn’t treat them well and Greg stepped in to take care of them. While they were all paying Greg’s sister rent, rent she was pocketing and not using to pay the mortgage, when the house was foreclosed on. Greg had no other option than to find rescue for his babies and he checked himself into a homeless shelter.

bonded pitbull siblings need home

As if that wasn’t bad enough,  Greg had been laid off and was going to culinary school. Although he’s in a homeless shelter, he is still going to culinary school, doing an internship, and looking for work and housing,  all while trying to make sure his dogs don’t end up in a shelter themselves. He’s a very responsible man who is dealing with difficult circumstances. He was fortunate that a longtime friend knew Elyse Giurco, who co–founded Road To Home Rescue back in 2013 and has been working with him to ensure the pups’ safety.

Road To Home set Junior and Lucy up with a temporary foster while Greg works to get back on his feet. The family stipulated that they could only do it for three months due to travel plans. When time ran out and Greg still didn’t have housing lined up, they actually canceled their plans and kept the dogs for an extra month and a half! This was the longest they could extend. though, and now Lucy and Junior have only a couple of days to find a new place before they have to go to a boarding facility.

(The names on the pics have been reversed in this post – Lucy is black and white, Junior is brown and white)
Lucy and Junior are both about 3–4 years old, up to date on all shots, microchipped, and great with people both tall and small (kids). Lucy is friendly with all dogs, while Junior usually takes a little time warming up. As long as a potential foster or home with other dogs is savvy and does proper introductions, Elyse doesn’t think it would be a problem. Lucy is cat–friendly, but if placed with Junior the home would likely need to be feline–free. Elyse would like to try her hardest to keep them together since they’re a bonded pair, but at this point it all depends on what’s available. They’ve been together so long, that it’s thought that Junior wouldn’t do as well without his sister Lucy, and they want to set the pair up for success.

bonded pitbull siblings need home

Since Greg is still unsure of his future, the Pibble duo are being considered for adoption at this time. Although Greg doesn’t want to have to part ways with his dogs, his his main concern is for their well-being and if that means going to a new forever home then he will accept it. Road to Home Rescue will board if necessary for as long as they can while looking for a foster or adopter, but this does get incredibly expensive and they need donations to ensure they can keep Lucy and Junior out of the shelter.

bonded pitbull siblings need home

Please consider donating anything that you can to their YouCaring fundraiser to keep Lucy and Junior safe, and to try and help Greg get back on his feet so they can potentially be reunited. If you have space in your home and your heart for these two anywhere in the north east (and possibly further for the right situation), please email Road To Home Rescue at [email protected] Be sure to check out their website for more adoptable animals, and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for updates.


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