9-Year-Old Boy Crawls Into A Dark Drainage Pipe For This Heartwarming Reason

South Charlotte Dog Rescue in North Carolina enlisted the help of several volunteers to free a litter of puppies from an underground drainage ditch.

Rafe, a 9 year-old boy was accompanied by his Mom, Danielle Spuler.  They faced a bit of a predicament when the drain in question proved smaller than most grown-ups. Ever the dog-lover and deeply passionate about animals, Rafe had no qualms about crawling inside.

boy crawls drainage pipe save puppies

With a rope tied around his ankle, Rafe entered head-first and emerged several times with all five puppies in tow. The mama, named Ruby, observed from a distance while everyone worked. But the newborn puppies hadn’t even opened their eyes, and they needed their mom.

boy crawls drainage pipe save puppies

Volunteers laid a blanket in a trap with a bit of food in an effort to catch Ruby, but it was easier said than done. “She is so smart,” Spuler said.  “She pulled the blanket all the way out and just ate the food.”

But rescuers finally caught Ruby by the next day and reunited her with her three-day-old babies. The family of six is finally residing in a foster home after what turned out to be a months-long ordeal.

boy crawls drainage pipe save puppies

“She was very scared,” said Spuler. “It was obvious she had been on her own for awhile.” But Ruby will learn in time to trust and enjoy life, and her brood will do the same with families of their own. All thanks to a big group of dedicated people, and one young volunteer who stepped up for a job no one else could do.

Well done! The happy family won’t be available for adoption for a while, but if you live in the South Charlotte area and would like to adopt, please fill out an application and contact the rescue.


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