13-Year-Old Boy Acts In Courageous Fashion When He Sees This Dog In A Tragic Situation

Bradley North, a 13-year-old student at Parrenthorn High School in Prestwich, England, is being called a hero because of his quick-thinking. He recently found himself coming to the aid of a dog that was in an unusual but tragic, situation.

While walking home from school, he and his friends saw a huge dog with its paws up on the slightly opened window of a van.


When he got closer, he noticed that there was shattered glass on the ground from the broken window. The boy then watched in horror as the dog, which was named Boo, jumped from the window. However, he was also tied with a leash, which caused him to become strangled and he passed out.

Bradly ran over to rescue the French Mastiff, who was just hanging there, helpless, with his paws all bloody. Fortunately, the boy was able to unhook the dog from his leash and then he sat there with him, petting him and reassuring him to calm him down.

For 15 minutes he waited with the dog for his owner to return.


Naturally, the dog’s owner was especially grateful to Bradley for helping and of course, happy that the dog was okay. “I have dogs myself, I would hope someone would do that for me and help my dog,” said Bradley. “I was a bit scared, but as long as the dog was ok.”

Alenka Kilmas, a passerby witnessed the extraordinary event unfold and took these photos, which have since gone viral on the Internet. Thousands of people have applauded Bradley for this heroic act, and rightly so. He deserves recognition for his bravery in such a tense situation.


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