School Bus Dog Gets Incredibly Happy Ending

A stray Pit Bull who jumped on a school bus for a ride has been rescued off the streets.

This past Monday, the white and tan dog followed some high school kids to a bus stop and then followed them on board. Kids on the bus said he acted like one of them and ran in to grab a seat. He then sat in the seat and wouldn’t leave.

bus dog

The bus driver got the students to leave the bus and tried to get the friendly dog to leave the bus, but he wouldn’t budge. Neighbors and parents joined in trying to give him graham crackers. He was eventually coaxed off with a meal by some neighbors. But no one came to pick up the dog or wait with him and he wandered off.
bus dogUpset at the thought that such a friendly dog was left to fend for himself, animal lovers in Dekalb County, Georgia, began to search for the “school bus dog”.
bus dogPhoto credit: Diva’s Pit Bull Rescue

Many locals told My Fox Atlanta that they had never seen the dog before, while a few mentioned that the stray had been seen around the playground and a pond for a few days.

bus dogPhoto credit: Diva’s Pit Bull Rescue

Dekalb Animal Services picked the dog up a day later after he had wandered into someone’s backyard and called animal control. The Pit Bull continued to be a happy-go-lucky fellow and was more than happy to go with animal control. Diva’s Pit Bull Rescue soon arranged to pick up the friendly stray and he has been named Ryder. They will be assessing him this weekend and already have a long list of potential adopters that want to give Ryder a home.

bus dogPhoto credit: Diva’s Pit Bull Rescue

Source:  DogHeirs

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