Students Raise Veterinary Funds For The Campus Cats

Duke University campus is home to Peaches (aka Lily or Snickers,) a cuddly calico cat.

Technically she’s a stray, however, the college’s student body has adopted her as their own. They give her cuddles, meals, and keep an eye on her.

Two of the students, Anna Matthews and Anna Li, thought it would be best to take Peaches to the vet for a well care check up.

“In the interest of keeping her healthy so she can live a long life (and also for the safety of students who interact with her), we would like to take her to the veterinarian to get rabies vaccinated, a physical exam, among other things (there have been concerns that she may also have stomach worms),” reads Peaches’ GoFundMe page. “This fund is to cover her veterinary bills and any potential medications we may have to give her.”

The page’s original goal was to raise $300, but the donations have surpassed $800!   Peaches is certainly loved!

“You’d be hard-pressed to find a Duke student who hasn’t met or heard of Peaches, the friendly calico cat that lives behind Few Quadrangle, one of the Duke dormitories,” Li said. “For students who are stressed out from school and missing their pets back home, this provides so much needed therapy and stress relief.”

“Sometimes it’s even hard for me to get a minute with her because there’s always someone out there petting her!” she added.

The GoFundMe creators were hoping to raise enough money to provide veterinary care for another campus cat named MammaBean and several other strays that the students care for. 

What a great example to set for all!


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