House Cat Adopts A Newborn Lynx Cub And Nurtures Her As If She Was One Of Her Own

In the animal kingdom, nothing is stronger than the power of motherly love. When a baby animal has no mother, it’s practically a death sentence.

One lynx cub in a Russian zoo was rejected by her mother not long after birth and the caretakers thought she was doomed. But then one of them had a great idea…

When Russian zookeepers realized that newly born lynx cub Nika had been abandoned by her mother, they did something pretty unexpected.

cat adopts lynx 1

They introduced Nika to a mother house cat and her babies.

cat adopts lynx 2

The mama cat was nervous at first, but within minutes she was grooming and caring for Nika as if she was one of her own.

cat adopts lynx 3

Zookeepers noticed an immediate improvement in Nika. The young kitten became more confident and much more playful with a mother’s love in her life.

cat adopts lynx 4

Nika was going to make it!

cat adopts lynx 5

Her adoptive mom is always there looking out for her…and keeping her in line!

cat adopts lynx 6

Nika doesn’t have to worry about survival now. She can just be a kid!

cat adopts lynx 7

Which means lots of playtime!

cat adopts lynx 8

“What are you guys looking at!?”

cat adopts lynx 9

Watching them nuzzle really reminds me of the value of family. So sweet!

cat adopts lynx 10

It sure was sweet of that momma house cat to put aside her worries and take in this giant baby! Loves wins again.

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