Feline Bullies Who Had No Qualms About Stealing Beds From Dogs

These 15 cats just stole the beds from the dogs, and they don’t even care.  The cats are being such bullies!

“That’s okay, I wanted to sit in this basket anyway.”

2. What kind of dirt does this kitty have on the dog?

3. That face…

4. Now we know who wears the pants in this family…

5. “I could get my bed back, I just don’t feel like it.”

6. “Mom, he did it again!”

7. “Fine, just this one time!”

8. “Look at her, all comfortable back there…”

9. “We can share.”

10. “At least this one doesn’t have a door.”

11. “Help.”

12. “Stop laughing.”

13. “This is really getting old.”

14. “I still don’t think this was a fair trade.”

15. “He did it again!”

Maybe instead of being bullied, the dogs are just being really nice to their feline companions. Yeah, we’ll go with that! ?


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