Symptoms That Point To The Possibility Your Cat Has Cancer

When you are a pet owner, taking care of your furry friend’s health is your number one priority. Sometimes it can be hard to determine exactly what’s wrong and what kind of help they need.

Cats in particular are notoriously hard to diagnose. Because of this, illnesses like cancer often get out of control before you can even see that there’s a problem. Here’s a list of  what to look for in your loving pet.

1. Weight Loss: Because cancer is caused by rapid cellular growth, your cat’s body will start burning up its reserves faster and faster.

cat cancer signs 1

2. Lethargy: A slow-moving cat is a sick cat. This is different than their regularly sleepy demeanor, so keep an eye out.
cat cancer signs 2

3. Lumps: Don’t dismiss any new lumps or bumps you find on your cat. They could be tumors. The good news is that you can find these by petting them more!

cat cancer signs 3

4. Cat Breath: Let’s be honest, your cat’s breath doesn’t always smell like roses to begin with, but if you notice it getting particularly bad, a visit to the vet is in order.

cat cancer signs 4

5. Sudden Lameness: If there is a tumor in the bone, it can make simple activities like walking extremely painful for you cat.
cat cancer signs 5

6. Sores and Wounds That Won’t Heal: If your cat’s immune system is working overtime to fight cancer, it can make fighting other ailments more challenging.

cat cancer signs 6

7. Difficulty Breathing: Tumors can push up against the lungs and throat. Difficulty breathing could indicate that there’s a growth.

cat cancer signs 7

8. Loss of Appetite: If your cat isn’t eating, they’re trying to tell you something. Get them to the vet quick!

cat cancer signs 8

9. Abnormal Swelling: It doesn’t have to be a physical lump to indicate that there’s a real problem. Swelling can also be a sign.
cat cancer signs 9

10. Vomiting and Diarrhea: This can be indicative of many feline illness, but prolonged bouts of either could mean a serious problem.
cat cancer signs 10
It can be so tough to figure out what your cat needs from you. But this list of symptoms should help the next time you get worried about your precious Buttons.


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