20 Cat Expressions That Purrfectly Sum Up Life

Cats are very expressive creatures and we can tell what they’re feeling just by the look on their faces. Those looks perfectly depict how humans feel too! Here are 20 hilarious cat expressions that perfectly sum up situations we find ourselves in day to day.

1. When you refuse to let anything come between you and your morning coffee:

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2. When you have to be at the office by 8am:

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3. When someone annoys because you still haven’t had enough coffee:

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4. When an acquaintance just took TMI to the next level:

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5. When you realize your hair has been sticking up all day and no one bothered to tell you:

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6. When your boss almost catches you on Facebook and you’re trying to look innocent:

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7. When your boss actually catches you on Facebook and you try to explain :

8. When it’s FINALLY FRIDAY:

9. When you forget your camera is still facing you:

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