Creative Furniture Designs For Cat Lovers

Cats love cozy hiding spots and high vantage points, so furniture that offers them such perks can be a great option for them. Other bits of furniture can implement additional needs, like their litter box or a scratching post. Here are some creative furniture designs for cat lovers!

Cat Burger Bed

Designed by: Petz Route

Cat-Friendly Shelf

Designed by: Corentin Dombrecht

Mini Bedroom For Cat

Image credits: Lisbonite

Indiana Jones Cat Bridge

Designed by: CatastrophiCreations

CATable – A Play Table For Cats While Humans Work

Designed by: LYCS

Cat Scratch Board Table

Designed by: modernistcat

Cat Crib Hammock

Designed by:

Cat Tunnel Sofa

Designed by: Seungji Mun

All-In-One Cat Bathroom

Designed by

Cat Transit System

Designed by: Because We Can

Cat House Planter

Designed by: Pousse Creative

Coffee Table Hammock

Designed by Koichi Futatsumata