Ways To Ensure Your Cat Will Hate You

If you ever feel like your relationship with your cat is going incredibly well, don’t worry; there are SO many ways to make sure your feline companion doesn’t get too comfortable with you….

1. Pet their belly

Source: wikihow.com

2. Introduce them to new family members

Source: Mike Hulsebus

3. Brush them

Source: catmoji.com

4. Bathe them

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5. Pay attention to something other than them

Source: funmole.com

6. Be a dog

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7. Keep them out of your room

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8. Take them to the vet

Source: nesaranetwork.com

9. Allow their food bowl to get empty

Source: coolanimalspics.com

10. Put them in their carrier

Source: pet-happy.com

11. Wake up more than one minute after they decide that they are hungry

Source: playbuzz.com

12. Serve them the cat food that they aren’t in the mood for

Source: themetapicture.com

13. Try to cuddle with them

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Source: bowsertheangrycat.com

14. Use your “baby” voice with them

Source: ZUMA via dailymail.co.uk

15. Take away one of their toys

Source: attackofthecute.com

16. Use the box that they love to sit in

Source: littlefun.org

17. Scold them for scratching the furniture

Source: riverbendveterinarian.com

18. Make them stick to their decision to go outside or inside

Source: seabreeze.com

19. Bring another cat home

Source: spoki.tvnet.lv

20. Tell them to get off the furniture

Source: funnyinternetmemes.com

21. Invade their personal space

Source: reddit.com

22. Try to play with them when they don’t want to.

Source: memecenter.com

23. Be a small child

Source: sodahead.com

24. Be a large adult

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