20 Photos That Perfectly Demonstrate Cat Logic

#1. They bought him a $200 cat tree…

#2. Ass in the Face Part IX : The Saga Continues

#3. “Tell me to sleep inside one more time. I dare you.”

#4. Reason no. 91,643 why you should never let your guard down when a cat is in the room.

#5. My human, the APM (Automatic Petting Machine)

#6. The $2000 Cat Ass Warmer

#7. Not that different from some people’s logic, amirite?

#8. Seriously? Are you kitten me?

#9. One does not simply…open a book next to a cat.

#10. “This shoe is hugging me!”

#11. “Human, you do NOT tell your lord where to rest.”

#12. Because gymnastic maneuvers make the food taste better

#13. You don’t choose the cat life; the cat life chooses you.

#14. And the Venn diagram for what’s for you and what’s for your cat is a CIRCLE.

#15. “Brought you breakfast in bed, see?”

#16. “I knew I shouldn’t have had that extra tin of cat food.”

funny cat logic

#17. Get cats, they said. They’re fun, they said.

#18. Cross a cat, and you’ll be hiss-tory.

#19. Catrobatics

#20. Cats have zero social skills and even less self-restraint.

Maybe if universities offered Bachelor’s in Cat Studies and if our world’s most brilliant minds could devise a means of translating Cat Code, then we could start to understand them better? Nah, who are we kidding.


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