Cat Who Went Missing In California Wildfires Is Miraculously Reunited With Devastated Owner

In October, fires swept through Sonoma County in California causing many people had to evacuate their homes. Chauncy Walcott refused, despite his neighbors leaving their housing community in Larkfield. Walcott would not go was because he did not want to leave his cat.

“I stayed home with my kitty because I had no cat carrier, and I was not going to throw her out on the street,” Walcott said. “So I stayed home.”

The flames, fortunately, never reached Walcott’s home. However, embers fell from the sky, setting bushes on fire. Walcott spent the next three days dousing them out.

Spazzy Meowser Walcott, Walcott’s cat, was an outdoor cat, but Walcott kept her inside throughout the ordeal, however, Spazzy got out and disappeared.

“I was really worried,” Walcott said. “I was worried that she got caught in one of those fire tornadoes.”

cat missing in california wildfires

Walcott saw foxes hanging about his housing community, and feared that Spazzy might run into them. He worried that Spazzy may get hit by a car, or that people had found her and kept her for themselves.

Spazzy was gone for three whole weeks and Walcott was beside himself. “She’d never done that before,” he said. “She always came back.”

Walcott adopted Spazzy eight years ago after he saw a neighbor throw her out of a high window.

“One day, I was going outside my front door to go out and smoke a cigarette, and all of sudden, I hear this cat go, ‘Meooooow,’” Walcott said. “And this cat flew out of a window of a top floor. She fell to the ground and looked stunned. Then a lady stuck her head out of the window and said, ‘I hate you, cat. I hate you. Don’t come back into the house.’ And I said, ‘You don’t ever have to worry about that. The cat’s coming home with me.’”

Walcott and Spazzy have been inseparable since then. “I spend at least nine hours a day with her — at least,” Walcott said. “She sleeps with me at night on my bed with me. She lays on my chest.”

cat missing in california wildfires

The thought of losing Spazzy was almost too much for Walcott to fathom. “I didn’t know what was going on,” he said. “I didn’t know if I was mad or pissed off.”

That was until Walcott got a phone call. Someone had turned in a cat who matched Spazzy’s description to the Sonoma County Humane Society. Walcott immediately went to the shelter.

“She was laying in the cage, and she looked up to me and didn’t quite notice me until I went up there and said, ‘Spazzzzzzy,’” Walcott said. “She perked up and went to the front of the cage and went, ‘Meow.’ She never meows at me, but that time she did. She knew it was me. She knew.”

Walcott lifted Spazzy out of the cage and hugged her close. “I felt no more sorrow, no more hurt,” Walcott said. “I felt happy and proud to know that she was safe and back in my arms.”

cat missing in california wildfires

Walcott was told that someone had found Spazzy in a culvert a few miles away. Thankfully, Spazzy wasn’t hurt in any way.

“I want to thank the person who found her and brought her to the shelter,” Walcott said. “I appreciate what they did.”

Walcott took Spazzy home and the first thing she did was crawl into Walcott’s bed. “She went right to sleep,” Walcott said.

Walcott and Spazzy have not been apart since.

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