Rescuers Searching For Flood Survivors Notice Cat Using His Litter Box As A Life Raft…

Recently, when a flood hit Missouri, the residents of a trailer park had no choice but to flee before the water swept them away.

Natural disasters like flooding wreak havoc!  Often residents do not have time to prepare, and it can make finding the family cat impossible.

The Humane Society luckily search for felines separated from their families during floods.  Finding them can sometimes be perilous.

Humane Society of Missouri rescuers Brian Thomas and Patience Scanlon are used to rescuing trapped, injured, or feral cats. It is all in a day’s work for them.

cat rescued from flood

After a flood had hit this trailer park in Missouri, several animal crates were loaded up.  They made sure they were in protective gear and set out to rescue any animals that might be in need of rescued from flood

They were not on their boat for very long before they heard a strange, weak cry coming from inside one of the trailers. They could not tell if it was an animal or a human.

cat rescued from flood

They wasted no time wondering what was making the sound.

cat rescued from flood

The rescue workers quickly paddled their boat to the trailer knowing that whether it was animal or human, they were in trouble.

cat rescued from flood

Once they got to the trailer, they carefully pushed the broken glass out of the way and the crying became louder. Finally, Paul was able to reach inside and peek around with a flashlight to see what was really going on.

cat rescued from flood

Watch the video below to see exactly what was in the trailer.


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