Cat Saves An Abandoned Baby Left To Freeze To Death

Masha is a stray cat living on the streets of Obninsk, Russia. Kind-hearted people in the neighborhood feed her daily and when it gets too cold at night, some of the people let her in their house.

Irna Lavoraa is one of those people. One day when Irna was throwing out the garbage, she heard strange noises coming from her basement.

When Irna went to investigate she found a baby boy left in a cardboard box.

And right next to the baby sat Masha. Authorities believe the infant to be about 12-weeks old and had probably been lying in the cold, damp basement for several hours.

Turns out, he wasn’t cold.  Masha cuddled right next to the baby to keep him warm.  They believe the baby would have died if Masha hadn’t done that. Masha even chased the ambulance down the street.

Masha, is a bona-fide hero!

Since the incident,  the baby has recovered and police are looking for his parents. 


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