22 Struggles That Only Cat Owners Will Understand…

  1. Reading a bookcat struggles
  2. Doing homework…cat struggles
  3. Roaming across the kitchencat struggles
  4. Leaving a glass of water on the tablecat struggles
  5. Making the bedcat struggles
  6. Taking selfies…cat struggles
  7. Sleeping incat struggles
  8. Sleeping at all, really.cat struggles
  9. Taking a showercat struggles
  10. Packing thingscat struggles
  11. Taking a family picturecat struggles
  12. Completing a puzzlecat struggles
  13. Enjoying some peace and quietcat struggles
  14. Setting up a Christmas Treecat struggles
  15. Opening the refrigerator for a few secondscat struggles
  16. Gift wrappingcat struggles
  17. Exercising at home

    Taking this guy on holidays with us today! ?????????????#yippee

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  18. Eating mealscat struggles
  19. Using a computercat struggles
  20. Cleaning the housecat struggles
  21. Sitting on the couchcat struggles
  22. And respecting their wish to not be enveloped in kisses


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