The Way This 9 Year Old Boy Decides to Celebrate His Birthday Will Warm Your Heart

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Ethan Katz decided to celebrate his 9th birthday in a very different way from most boys his age. He told his parents he wanted to help save shelter dogs. When he told his parents they were surprised at first, but knowing that he is a huge animal lover they decided to help him.

So Ethan and his dad designed some tshirts to sell with the proceeds going to City Dogs Rescue in Washington, DC. Ethan chose their rescue because he adopted his dog Brooklyn from them last November.┬áNo doubt Ethan has also been inspired to help dogs in need by his family – his grandmother, aunt and mom all foster dogs.

Ethan has raised over $8000 and 10 dogs have already been saved and gone into foster homes to get ready for adoption since he began his fundraising campaign. What a wonderful young man!

Source: DogHeirs

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