Celebrities And Their Beloved Pets. Some Of These Might Surprise You…

Below are 29 pictures of big-time celebrities and their beloved pets, doing all the things we do: Taking them for walks, posing for selfies, or just cuddling up. You’re not going to believe which celebrity has a pet pig.

#1. Matthew McConaughey and Foxy

When Matthew McConaughey isn’t playing a philosophical killjoy on HBO’s hit “True Detective,” or haunting our dreams with his spooky car commercials, he is hanging out on the beach with his Australian cattle dog named Foxy. Though Foxy doesn’t have the same great abs, the two make a handsome pair.

Matthew McConaughey and Foxy


#2. Frank Sinatra and Ringo

Frank Sinatra was probably loved by hundreds of women in his lifetime, not to mention hundreds of thousands of adoring fans. However, his greatest admirer might have been his dog Ringo. Here, Old Blue Eyes is photographed with Ringo in his Palm Springs home for the 1965 issue of Look Magazine.

Frank Sinatra and Ringo

Look Magazine

#3. Charlize Theron and Denver

Theron is one of the most beautiful actresses out there, and she got herself a beautiful little dog to match. This Cocker spaniel is named Denver, and Theron adopted him from an animal shelter. Clearly, these two know how to work a red carpet.

Charlize Theron and Denver

Giulio Marcocchi / Getty Images

#4. John Lennon and his many cats

Before his tragic murder in 1981, Lennon spent his entire lifetime surrounding by cats. In fact, he even had a beloved cat when he was growing up, Elvis, who was, of course, named after the iconic singer.

John Lennon and his many cats

photographer unknown

#5. Rihanna and Oliver

Rihanna’s maltipoo Oliver might be the cutest celebrity pet on this list. He just looks so damn huggable. Rihanna actually calls her pooch DJ Oliver. We’re wondering if he has any credits on her albums.

Rihanna and Oliver

J.Lee-A.Elatab/Splash News Online

#6. Sandra Bullock, Poppy, and Ruby

Bullock is a huge dog lover, and has adopted three dogs with special needs. Poppy is a Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix with three legs, and Ruby only has two legs. Not pictured is Ruby, who is missing an eye. Bullock adoped all of her beloved pups from California animal shelters.

Sandra Bullock,  Poppy, and Ruby

Daniel / INFphoto.com

#7. James Dean and Marcus

James Dean was a huge heartbreaker in his day: So much so that even his generations biggest celebrities were trying to win his affection with presents. One present was Marcus, Dean’s beloved cat who was a gift from Elizabeth Taylor.

James Dean and Marcus

#8. Lady Gaga and Koji

Some humans and their dogs seem like they’re made for one another, and that’s definitely true with Lady Gaga and her little dog Koji. Somehow, despite the fact that most of Gaga’s accessories are off the wall, Koji is just the right of prim and proper to balance out Gaga’s look. Here, the pair were seen leaving her apartment in New York City together. We hope they had a great day out on the town.

Lady Gaga and Koji

Getty Images

#9. Ryan Gosling and George

It’s not as if Ryan Gosling had to do anything else to secure his spot as Guy We All Want To Be Our Boyfriend, but in 2000, he went ahead and did it. That’s when Ryan found George, a shaggy dog that was hanging out at a Los Angeles shelter. Gosling adopted him, and he has been spotted taking George with him from coast to coast.

Ryan Gosling and George

Theo Wargo / Getty Images

#10. Chrissy Teigen and Puddy

Chrissy Teigen and her husband,R&B singer John Legend, have three bulldogs. They’re all fat, funny, and a huge part of Teigen’s wildly popular social media accounts. This bulldog’s name is Puddy, which is the best name for a bulldog that we’ve ever heard.

Chrissy Teigen and Puddy

Buffalo David Bitton

#11. Katy Perry and Butter

Katy Perry loves her mixed-breed dog, Butter. In fact, the pop singer loves Butter so much, she even had Butter’s face printed onto a pair of pajamas. If that’s not true loyalty, I don’t know what is.

Katy Perry and Butter

Steve Granitz/Wire Image

#12. Ozzy Osbourne and Chewy

Chewy made his way to the national spotlight when the Osbourne family had a self-titled reality show on VH1. The befuddled rock star was often seen calling after Chewy. Of course, Chewy always dutifully came to his master.

Ozzy Osbourne and Chewy

Christopher Ameruso /Barcroft

#13. Emmy Rossum, Cinnamon, and Sugar

Emmy Rossum, most known for her role as the wild eldest daughter on the hit TV show “Shameless” has two dogs, Cinnamon and Sugar. She often includes them in her Instagram snaps, such as this one, which Rossum called “Adult study hall.”

Emmy Rossum, Cinnamon, and Sugar

Emmy Rossum

#14. Adrian Brody and Lolly

They might seem like an unlikely pair, but apparently, the Oscar-winning actor and his Chihuahua are inseparable. This portrait might be the best celeb-and-their-pet-pic ever taken.

 Adrian Brody and Lolly

Christopher Ameruoso / Barcroft

#15. Anne Hathaway and Esmerelda

Anne Hathaway has got the chops for dramatic acting, and her adorable dog Esmerelda clearly loves basking in the glow of her human’s talent. The actress even brought Esmeralda to the set of her comedy flick “The Intern” in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park in September 2014.

Anne Hathaway and Esmerelda

#16. Freddie Mercury and Tiffany

Freddie Mercury had the voice of an angel and an affinity for cats. In fact, he had several during his short life, and one of them was this furry dream named Tiffany. The pair were photographed together in 1986. Mercury’s other cats were Oscar, Goliath, Miko, Romeo, and Lily.

Freddie Mercury and Tiffany

Richard Young/REX FEATURES

#17. Justin Bieber and Esther

Justin Bieber has been making a lot of questionable decisions lately, but adopting his little dog Esther was not one of them. Bieber recently shared this photo on his Instagram page, saying “Welcome Esther to the Bieber family.”

Justin Bieber and Esther

Ryan Seacrest Presents

#18. Ryan Reynolds and Baxter

Ryan Reynolds has a new baby, but that doesn’t mean he’s out of time for his beloved dog, Baxter. Reynolds adopted Baxter from a shelter when he was two years old, and the pair have been inseparable since.

Ryan Reynolds and Baxter

Cliff Watts

#19. Rachael Ray and Isaboo

Though a lot of people mistakenly assume that pit bulls are dangerous, they are Rachael Ray’s breed of choice. “My heart belongs to my red-nosed pit bull, Isaboo,”Ray told her fans. This isn’t her first pit bull, either: Ray owned another pit bull, named Boo, for 13 years.

Rachael Ray and Isaboo


#20. Serena Williams and Chip

Serena might focus the majority of her attention on tennis, but that doesn’t mean that her Yorkie, Chip, gets ignored. The pair were photographed at a NYC tennis court in August 2014 – Chip was clearly demanding attention.

Serena Williams and Chip

Splash News

#21. Audrey Hepburn

Audrey Hepburn and her Yorkshire terrier, Mr. Famous, were inseparable. In fact, Mr. Famous actually had a cameo in one of Audrey’s biggest films, “Funny Face.”

Audrey Hepburn

#22. Selma Blair and Wink

Selma is a passionate animal advocate, and she’s also a regular volunteer at the Lange Foundation in L.A. That’s where she adopted wink, and also continues to help care for disabled, abandoned, and injured dogs.

Selma Blair and Wink

Mike Fanous / Getty Images

#23. Simon Cowell and Buster

Though he might be crabby on TV, Simon Cowell has a soft spot for his cute little dog, Buster. In other words, Cowell really loved Buster’s performance and wants to send him to Hollywood.

Simon Cowell and Buster

Penny Lancaster

#24. Megan Fox and Piggy Smalls

It’s not every day you see a celebrity with a pot-bellied pig, but Megan Fox isn’t exactly into staying inside the box. Fox also has five dogs, two cats, and a squirrel.

Megan Fox and Piggy Smalls

Christopher Ameruso / Barcroft

#25. Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Bonecrusher

The Rock has several dogs, and most of them are big and beefy, just like the pro wrestler turned star. However, he also has a Chihuahua, which is an interesting contradiction to Johnson’s enormous frame. Of course, the Chihuahua’s name is Bonecrusher.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Bonecrusher

The Rock

#26. Kesha and Mr. Peep$

Kesha is in love with her cat, whom she calls Mr. Peep$. In fact, Mr Peep$ has been featured in several photoshoots, and even one of the pop star’s music videos.

Kesha and Mr. Peep$

#27. Gavin Rossdale, Gwen Stefani, and Chewy

This rock-and-roll power couple are some of the best looking people on the planet, so clearly they need a good-looking dog to compliment them. Enter Chewy, their beloved Pomeranian.The trio, along with their kids, are often seen walking Chewy in paparazzi photos.

Gavin Rossdale, Gwen Stefani, and Chewy

#28. Jake Gyllenhaal and Atticus

German Shepherd Atticus is only one third of the Gyllenhaal clan: Jake also owns a Puggle name Boo Radley. The studly actor named his beloved pets after the characters in Harper Lee’s classic, “To Kill a Mockingbird.”

Jake Gyllenhaal and Atticus

Pacific Coast News

#29. Susan Sarandon and Penny

Susan Sarandon loves her relationship with her dog, but she doesn’t keep Penny all to herself. In fact, Sarandon has even joked about setting up a Twitter account for Penny. What would she Tweet about? Hollywood, of course.

Susan Sarandon and Penny

Wire Image


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