Dog Who Was Surrendered At A Shelter Finds His True Purpose In Life

Meet Charlie, the pup who was an owner surrender when his human couldn’t care for him any longer.  While at the shelter, caretakers realized that Charlie had an unusual desire to sniff and play search games!  The shelter contacted the local police.  Charlie was placed with the Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire Police to train him to become a drugs, cash and weapons detection dog!

charlie police dog

Not long after, Charlie completed their training courses  with ease. Charlie’s trainer, PC Jason Keir, feels that the pup was meant to be a service dog.

In six weeks, Charlie joined other pups on the sniffing trail. Keir says: “He picked up everything we taught him so quickly and he has such a natural drive to go and search. We’re really lucky to have him on the team.”

charlie police dog



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