This Pitbull Waited 5 Years To Be Adopted. See How One Picture Changed His Life.

This heartbreaking photo of a six-year-old Pit mix appeared on The North Fork Animal Welfare League, Inc./Southold Animal Shelter’s Facebook page.

Chester is pleading for a family. He has been waiting 5 years to be adopted.
chester adopted

“Why doesn’t anybody want me? I’ve been waiting 5 years. Everyone at the shelter tells me what a good boy I am. So why has no one adopted me? I promise to be good and love my new family. Please maybe you are my new family … I sit and wait for you to come.”


The problem with Chester? He is part Pit Bull. Pit Bulls are often seen as unadoptable. 
chester adopted
Because of that, so many sweet dogs like Chester remain in shelters for much of their lives.
chester adopted

But it’s all about to change for Chester! The photo went viral on Facebook.  Lots of people have commented saying they would take Chester in and give him a loving forever home.

Chester will finally have the chance to show a family how lucky they are to have a great dog like him. After all, his interests include: “snuggling on the couch, long walks, car rides and belly rubs.”


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