Cat Becomes An Internet Sensation Because Of His Striking Good Looks

Every cat owner thinks that their feline friend is the prettiest kitty to ever walk the Earth.  We couldn’t understand why Coby the cat was becoming such a big sensation, then we took a closer look and finally got it!

Coby is quickly becoming the Internet’s favorite cat, and it’s not just because he’s the epitome of style.

coby the cat 1

His 340,000 Instagram followers tune in to see his incredible eyes.

coby the cat 2

They’re practically magic!

coby the cat 3

He loves spending time in the sink like any other cat.

coby the cat 4

He also loves to dress up.

coby the cat 5

Let’s just stay in here together forever, OK?

coby the cat 6

Coby says, “turn that frown upside down!”

coby the cat 7

Coby is a true romantic, too.

coby the cat 8

He’s also not afraid to let his hair down and get wild!

coby the cat 9

He loves curling up in his favorite sweater.

coby the cat 10

And his eyes get EXTRA cute when there is a treat in sight!

coby the cat 11

He has his mischievous moments too.

coby the cat 12

It’s the pirate’s life for Coby! Arrrrr!

coby the cat 13

Coby opens up on his Instagram: “I love tuna, stealing covers & playing with my ducky in the tub.”

coby the cat 14

He likes this shirt because it really brings out his eyes…

coby the cat 15

…not that he really needs help in THAT department!

coby the cat 16

We hate it when Coby leaves, but we love to watch him go.

coby the cat 17

Coby is absolutely adorable.


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