Dad Brings Home A Baby Coyote In Need Of Care And They Treat Him Just Like Another Family Member

When Hailey Hanestad was five years old, her dad came home with a shivering little bundle of fur that needed a home. Hailey and her family live on a ranch in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, so the little girl was no stranger to animals.

But this little furball was something special…

A few years ago, Hailey Hanestad’s dad brought home an unusual animal in need of care.

coyote family 1

It was a baby coyote!

coyote family 2

They named him Wiley and soon he became just another member of the family. In fact, Wiley and Hailey became pretty much inseparable.

coyote family 3

They played together, snuggled together, and hung out just like any little girl would with her dog.

coyote family 4

Now, Wiley eats mostly venison and fried eggs, and he refuses to eat raw meat. He wants his meals cooked!

coyote family 5

Wiley even gets baths, much to his dismay!

coyote family 6

Hailey’s dad takes Wiley on walks just like a dog.

coyote family 7

Wiley has his own enclosure outside that includes plants and a burrowing hole, just like a natural coyote habitat.

coyote family 8

Now Hailey has the ultimate excuse for school. She can tell teachers the coyote ate her homework!

coyote family 9

The Hanestads have clearly gone to great lengths to make sure that Wiley’s needs are taken care of. Now, he’s just another member of the family!

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