Wildlife Photographer’s Photo Of Coyote Carrying Pizza Is Making Everyone Smile

Every morning, Russell Greaves, of Huntington Beach, California, goes out to the Bolsa Chica Ecological Reserve behind his house. Greaves, who took up wildlife photography a decade ago, often sees coyotes. However, he had never seen anything quite like what he saw this fall and luckily he had his camera with him.

“A lot of people here just love the coyotes,” Greaves said over the phone, during his morning walk.

coyote pizza photo

One morning in October, Greaves saw a familiar wild coyote. This coyote was a mom who had recently given birth to a litter of pups.

“She had had four pups,” Greaves said. “The pups would come out and play around, while dad went out to hunt. But they’re out on their own now.”

coyote pizza photo

It was nice to see the mom again, however, as she got closer, Greaves couldn’t help but laugh.

coyote pizza photo

The mother coyote had found a pizza!

“It was nearly half a pizza,” Greaves said. Greaves said he was not sure where she got the pizza, but that there are some homeless people who camp out in the woods and perhaps she swiped it from them.

Since her pups had already gone out on their own, she probably wasn’t planning on sharing, Greaves speculated. “I thought, ‘This has got to be for herself.’”

coyote pizza photo

Not everyone loves the coyotes quite as much as Greaves does, but many people are fascinated by the wild family living nearby. The local people take precautions to ensure a peaceful coexistence. “We tell people to not feed the coyotes. They’re not here to eat human food,” Greaves said. “We tell people who are walking their little dogs to be careful because the coyotes are around.”

coyote pizza photo

“The coyotes come back to the same habitat because they like it here,” Greaves added.

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