Discover The Rare Beauty Of These Curly Haired Horses

Horses are the some of the loveliest animals on the planet.  With their elegant hair and their majestic stride, they are magnificent. Not many people realize that they come in such a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. And one particular breed of horse stands out from all the rest.

They’re called Curlies! Curlies all have a gene that gives them their distinct “curly” look.

curly hair horses 1

Curlies are considered “hypoallergenic” because of their lack of a protein in their hair that can cause allergic reactions in some people.

curly hair horses 2

Their thick coats protect them in colder environments and in winter.

curly hair horses 3

While you may have not seen one before, these horses aren’t new.

curly hair horses 4

Though their origin is debated, they’ve been around for a long time.

curly hair horses 5

They have been featured in Chinese artwork as far back as 161 AD, and Charles Darwin documented them in South America in the 19th century.

curly hair horses 6

Sioux Indians regarded the curly horse as a sacred mount, reserved for chiefs and medicine men.

curly hair horses 7

Regardless of where these horses came from, they are absolutely stunning.

curly hair horses 8

curly hair horses 9

curly hair horses 10


curly hair horses 11

These may be the cutest horses you’ll ever see!


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