After Her Sister Stole Her Money, She Did Something That Changed Her Life For Good

A woman whose sister kept stealing from her finally faced the consequences of her actions. What happened next is pretty good.

My sister and her boyfriend used to live with us a few years ago. One afternoon when I checked my bank account I noticed several transactions I couldn’t have done (being home all day and not using either card.) I checked my wallet, and sure enough, both cards are gone – so I reported them stolen to the bank. They told me when and where the cards were used, just to make sure I wasn’t mistaken and I confirmed I didn’t use them.

I then called the place where they were used, a local gas station. They reviewed the tape with the time, and they noticed my sister using both the gas pumps and the ATM (where $100 was withdrawn by debit.) She tried to get $150 from my credit card, but it was maxed out and she couldn’t.

I was devastated by this. My sister had stolen from everybody in the family before, but usually, it was small things – a few dollars lying here or there. We played hide-and-seek with things we think she might take, but she’s never gone this far before. We had tried to get her to break up with her boyfriend who had gotten her into drugs.

I decided I didn’t care whether or not she was arrested for this; she needs to learn the consequences of her actions. My dad somewhat agreed with me, my mom, however, has always been her enabler. Explaining that yes, my sister is at fault, and yes it was wrong, but she’s a family, and I shouldn’t allow her to be arrested. In any case, I went with my dad’s advice and called the police, who arrested her. She spent a few days in jail for what she did.

It’s been a few years since then, and my sister is a much better person now. She didn’t relapse into her drug habit after she was released from prison and she’s managed to get herself a stable but low-paying job as a waitress and is no longer hooked up with her old boyfriend, who’s now her ex. She’s much happier and better person, and I see her once a week when we visit our parents.


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