The Unique Companionship Of This Deer And Cat Will Inspire You

Here’s a special relationship that takes place in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

deer and cat friendship 1

There a cat has made friends with a local deer!

deer and cat friendship 2

Last month, Reddit user Monarch, posted these lovely photos. The deer pays a visit to her feline friend every morning.

While the deer lays down on the ground, the cat initiates the morning snuggle session!

deer and cat friendship 3

Then, the daily cleaning ritual begins! The cat may take a momentary break to have a little fun by pouncing on his friends head!

The deer doesn’t even bat an eye!

deer and cat friendship 4

The friends are completely satisfied just relaxing together and swapping quick kisses!

deer and cat friendship 5

These photos have earned over 6,000 points on, and they’ve garnered over 900 comments!

deer and cat friendship 6

Seeing these two species, that would generally have nothing to do with one another, makes people feel happy!¬†And evidently, relationships between cats and deer aren’t exactly one of a kind!

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